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Welcome to the Digital Museum of Daijyo-ji Temple, Maruyama School.

The Daijyo-ji Temple founded in 745 by Koyasan Shingon Buddhism is located in the town of Kasumi-cho, Hyogo Prefecture. In the mid-Edo (18th century) period Head Priest Mitsuzo (1716-1786) and Priest Mitsuei (1753-1802) planned to build the Reception Hall of the temple. At which time, Maruyama Ohkyo (1733- 1795), whose talent was recognized and supported by Mitsuzo, returned the favor with paintings to decorate the Hall, which to date is appreciated by many visitors of the temple. These paintings are now not only the treasures of the temple but also designated as the cultural properties of Japan.
There are approximately 165 pieces of work left by Ohkyo and his pupils - wall paintings, sliding-door paintings (Fusuma-e), and paintings on the transoms. The temple is therefore familiarly known as Ohkyo-dera or the Temple of Ohkyo. His brush faithfully depicts what he actually saw, using unique techniques of perspective and shading plus the religious concept of the universe - co-existence and co-prosperity. The representative painting in the Reception Hall composed in a three-dimensional mandala is certainly an integration of religious elements, universe, and architecture.
A recent plan called for the preservation of these paintings, and a nationwide supporters' association was inaugurated for the purpose. With the supports from the Agency of Cultural Affairs, Hyogo Prefecture, Kasumi-cho, and donations from the parishioners, the storage hall was constructed where original masterpieces are in process to be stored respectively. Concurrently, a reproduction plan was in process. Utilizing the latest digital technology, exquisite replicas of the paintings were made to replace the original paintings, thus maintaining the essence of the Ohkyo concept that Daijyo-ji Temple treasures.
Furthermore, in connection to the project in digitizing the cultural properties of Kasumi-cho, digital data-basing of the 165 masterpieces of Ohkyo were recently completely. Using this data-base, the digital museum was planned.
Browse through the website. We invite you to the virtual tour of the Daijyo-ji Temple and the wonderful Maruyama School. With a click, you can take a closer view of the piece you are browsing. Another click may open the sliding doors, introducing you to another Maruyama world. We are sure you will enjoy this tour. If you want to view closer, why not visit us at Daijyo-ji Temple.

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