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3. Introduction of Work Cooperation Company

This "Daijyoji Temple Digital Museum of the Maruyama School" is Interlock, Inc. Office crew, Inc. AX, Inc. and Ueda Shashin Office, Ltd. Mr. Ito (free lance), and each company is performing work and management.

Interlock, Inc.
Plan composition / producing design work, image processing, and website management
enterprise a management systems configuration and these contents A plan, work, and the systems development of multimedia contents are made into the business line. Development and management are performed for the archive of a valuable book, or a web public presentation system for universities. Moreover, management of a network shopping site is also performed recently.

Office crew, Inc.
Plan edit and coverage of a description sentence, an anecdote, etc., and the contents of a composition work
enterprise The copy lighting of a catalog or a pamphlet is mainly made into business for plan work or edit. It deals with text work of Web and is groping for the peculiarity recently.

AX, Inc.
It has a career for 15 years as a CG section of the contents video mailbox production of Guest house 3D CG work
enterprise. 3DCG centering on an image and 2DCG work have been performed since then. Moreover, the work organization interlocked with photography and video edit is established, and VFX (on-the-spot photo composition) is also made elated. Furthermore, the image and CG work business of Hi-Vision are made into the core now. And plan work of video is also performed from DVD video work, video encoding, and CD-ROM work.

Ueda Shashin Office, Ltd.
"Kyakuden Meguri", and the contents of a photography
enterprise in a "reception hall reference" reception hall Commercial photograph company for career 16 years. Even a fashion photograph is extensively performed from a hood or a goods photograph.

Taichiro Ito (Free lance)
The contents of a FLASH work
enterprise of "a tour around Guest house" A design and a plan are performed focusing on graphics and webs, such as advertisement / package LOGO.

in addition, the work picture which is in charge of this digital museum work -- "digital -- remanufacture -- the image data which performs drawing" is used

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