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These works by Ohkyo and his pupils also represent the word of the Buddha centered on the 11-headed Kwannon Bosatsu(Boddhisattva). The11-headed Kwannon has 11 faces around his head. The three faces in front are called the faces of Peacefulness, the three on the left are called the face of Anger, and the three on the right are the face of Threat. The singe face in the back called the face of Smiles. At the top is the Amida Buddha, and this makes a total of 11 heads.
At Daijyo-ji, there are11 rooms surrounding the central room where the 11-headed Kwannon statue resides, and two additional rooms on the second floor. In total, there are 13 rooms in which Ohkyo and his pupils painted their works. In producing the panels at Dajjyo-ji, Ohkyo first planned the placement and design of the 13 different rooms, and distributed the work among his pupils. He constructed the individual rooms so that when they are combined, they signify a meaningful totality. This grand totality is the world of the 11-headed Kwannon, the world of Buddhist paradise.

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